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Know Your Blood Pressure Day - 13 April 2019

Today is the “Know Your Blood Pressure Day” where Rotary Club of Elstree & BorehamWood offered to check local residents’ blood pressure.  According to Stroke Association, blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors for stroke so today, our team of volunteers, fellow Rotarians, 4 doctors, 4 nurses and friends, were very busy.

Thank you Adrian Faiers for the visit and hands-on involvement as the queue built up. Our team of doctors led by Dr Ian Campbell, Dr Ann Goddard, BEM, chair of NSPCC Elstree & BorehamWood District, Dr Angela Parker, trustee from Dementia Club UK and Holly Wong. Huge appreciation to our team of volunteer nurses - Nica, Ryan, Michael & Grace Calit with our youngest volunteer, Iza (my goddaughter ❤️) and to Susan too.

To lead by example, members had their blood pressure checked too by Dr Ian Campbell.  

A successful and enriching day !

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Christmas Concert 2017

Rotary Christmas Concert 2017

St Andrew's Day Music Evening - 30th November 2017

President's Charity Golf Day 2017

Awaiting Photo's of event

75th Anniversary Evening - June 2017

Rotary Anniversary Evening 2017 Mayor of Elstree & Borehamwood Cllr. Eric Silver
Rotary Anniversary Evening Speeches Rotary Anniversary Evening Awards 2017

Music Evening with Alan at Shopwick Place - 30 March 2017

Rotary Music Evening March 2017 Rotary Music Evening March 2017 - Gary & Paul

171130 Music Evening   171130 Music Evening a

171130 Music Evening at Shopwick

Rotary Music Evening March 2017- The president & his guests

Norman Shuker and guests

171130 Music Evening at SP

171130 Music Evening at S P

171130 Music Evening-

Christmas Dinner - 15 December 2016 - Radlett Golf Club

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Chrismas Music

47077220 2307280899501863_7241506914813607936_nPresentation to Fred Thomas

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161215 Xmas Dinner

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We wish you season's greetings and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year !

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President's Table

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Music Evening at Shopwick Place - 1 December 2016

Rotary Music Evening (12) Rotary Music Evening (14)

Rotary Music Evening (11)

Rotary Music Evening (5)

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Recent Speakers

Recent visitor Bob Williams, former boxer and now leading fire officer, who came to our meeting in

November 2016 and spoke about his boxing career and his involvement in BoxCleva

Rotary President, Nick Male, with Bob Williams, and Scott Maclachlan

Crocus Bulb Planting Hertsmere Civic Offices - October 2016

(in bloom March 2017)

Bulb Planting 2016Rotary Bulb Planting 2016

Rotary Club Bulb Planting with Town MayorRotary Club Bulb Planting in Blume

Brad Ashton: The Job of a Laughtime - 29 September 2016 

Elstree Lawn Tennis Club

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Visit of District Governor - August 2016 

Junior "Bake Off" Day - July 2016

District Governor Visit 2016 Junior Bake Off Day 2016

Celebration Evening July 2016

Kids Out - June 2016

Rotary Celebration Evening 2016 Kids Out Day 2016

   Presentation - Rotary Awards 2016

Rotary Charity Golf Day 2016

Peace Hospice Presentation 2016 Rotary Golf Day 2016

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