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Anti-Semitism Statement  

As President of the Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood, I wish to add the voice of our organisation  to the statement on anti - semitism.

We local Rotarians stand firm with all those who have taken a stand against the pernicious doctrine of anti - semitism and we invite you to take your stand with us. Rotary is an international organisation.

We have 1.2 million members, organised in 31,000 Clubs in 165 countries.  We are non - sectarian and have members from every faith and none. Discrimination against anyone ,based on their religion or ethnicity ,is anathema to all Rotarians.

I lost an uncle in the second world war; a tragic conflict imposed on the world  by a fanatical anti - semite and his followers.My late father, Rotarian George Male, lost all his closest shipmates from HMS Hecla when it was sunk in 1942, the  year in which our Rotary Club was founded.

I have visited Israel and  have stood in Yad Vashem, the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. As a  Christian, I follow a faith founded  by a Jew.  I also have a Jewish Godson.

Nick Male

Past President 2016-2017 

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